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CR MILES patent, trademark, and copyright attorneys will help you take the next several…from conception to protection…CR MILES turns ideas into assets.

  • Patents to protect inventions and ornamental designs.
  • Trademarks to protect source identifying characteristics of goods or services.
  • Copyrights to protect original works of authorship.
  • Trade Secrets to protect valuable commercial information.
  • Litigation to protect your IP rights.

Each type of intellectual property right differs, but all ensure that others do not profit off of your intellectual creations and a reasonable opportunity to recover your research and development costs. Contact us to find out more about intellectual property rights.

Our goals are the same as yours.

Safeguard your ideas, develop strong trademarks, and copyright your intellectual expression to achieve meaningful protection of your intellectual property rights.

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CR MILES, a full-service intellectual property law firm, has experienced intellectual property attorneys providing legal services in the United States and worldwide through our network of associates.

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