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Patent and Trademark Attorney

CRAIG R. MILES has practiced intellectual property law since 1999. He founded CR MILES P.C. in 2003 to focus on international and domestic patent, trademark, and copyright law. In his practice as an intellectual property attorney he has prepared, filed, and successfully prosecuted hundreds of patent and trademark applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as internationally by way of the Patent Cooperation Treaty and Paris Convention.

Prior to his practice as an intellectual property and patent attorney in Colorado, he was a research scientist in the biomolecular sciences at the crossroads of chemical, biological, physical, and computational sciences focusing on the molecular understanding of cellular function. He was a founder of Cytel Corporation in La Jolla, California, which developed research methods to assess molecular recognition and regulation. As an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University, he was the Director of facilities for the synthesis and assessment of peptide, protein, and nucleic acid structures.

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