Areas of Practice

Patent Law

A patent provides the legal protection necessary to commercialize your invention, giving you the exclusive right in most countries to prevent others from making, using, selling or distributing the patented invention without the inventor's permission.

Trademark Law

Trademarks can include words, symbols, logos, slogans, colors, product and packaging shapes, sounds and smells. However, features of a product that confer a functional or competitive advantage or words or symbols that directly describes the product or underlying category of product cannot serve as a trademark.

Copyright Law

A copyright is an exclusive right in the copyright owner to reproduce the work in copies, prepare derivative works based upon the work, distribute copies perform and display the work publicly.


Unfortunately, sometimes people or businesses violate other’s intellectual property rights – their patents, their trademarks, their copyrights. Sometimes this is inadvertent and, with negotiations they will cease their unlawful conduct.

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