Litigation and Dispute Resolution


CR MILES handles pre-litigation dispute resolution and contentious licensing negotiation, appeals and post-grant review before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the USPTO, and intellectual property litigation in United States District Courts, U.S. International Trade Commission, and foreign jurisdictions.

CR MILES attorneys can act as lead counsel or provide support to experienced trial attorneys in every type of intellectual property dispute to bring cost-effective, successful results to clients in a variety of business fields.

What Should Be Done if Someone Is Infringing My Intellectual Property

If an individual or entity is using your intellectual property without your permission, you should contact one of CR MILES' trained intellectual property attorneys. CR MILES can perform a comprehensive detailed assessment of infringing acts to develop a strategy to protect your intellectual property. CR MILES attorneys will advise you how to take action against alleged infringers.

What Should Be Done if Someone Is Accusing Me of Infringing Their Intellectual Property

In many cases, your first actual notice of infringement will arrive in the form of a cease and desist letter. This letter will most likely contain the name of the intellectual property holder, the nature of the intellectual property, the contact information for the intellectual property holder’s legal representative, and a short description of the allegedly infringing activity. It is critical that you do not ignore this letter or any other form of notice of allegedly infringing conduct. CR MILES' experienced attorneys evaluate allegations of infringement and develop a strategy to successfully respond to the notice of alleged infringement.

What Can I Expect in Litigation

Litigation against an infringing party or defending against accusations of infringement by others can be a lengthy and expensive process. Intellectual Property litigation involves a significant amount of motion practice and extensive discovery including taking the testimony of fact and expert witnesses. Thus, before you commit to either filing litigation or defending yourself in litigation, it is important to map out a litigation strategy and resolutions. CR MILES attorneys can successfully handle pre-litigation dispute resolution and explain alternatives to a trial, including arbitration, mediation, licensing, or settlement. CR MILES develops thoughtful pre-litigation strategies, including litigation avoidance, if that promotes the broader commercial goals of the client, and litigation strategies to control the expense and time to successfully protect the intellectual property rights of our client.

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