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Hire an Experienced Copyright Attorney

Protect Your Original Work.

Our experienced copyright attorneys will assist you by identifying your original works of authorship that can be registered with the United States Copyright Office; preparing, filing and prosecuting copyright applications that meet all necessary statutory requirements; and assisting you in obtaining meaningful copyright rights enforceable against infringers.

“Original works of authorship” includes a vast list of intellectual and tangible works such as

  • Literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic work.
  • 2-dimensional works like greetings cards, technical drawings; computer programs.
  • 3-dimensional works like jewelry, stained glass, artificial flowers.

We’ll secure your Certificate of Copyright for you.

Copyrights are established as soon as you fix an original work in tangible form. However, certain legal advantages of copyright—like your ability to sue and recover money from an individual or entity that infringes on your copyright—can be obtained only by timely filing of a copyright application with the United States Copyright Office.

COPYRIGHTS. CR MILES has copyright attorneys to protect your writings, maps, sheet music, plays, paintings, photographs, architectural drawings, recordings, movies, and computer programs to keep others from copying, distributing, performing or adapting your works without permission.

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