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Hire an Experienced Trademark Attorney

Protect and enhance your brand with a Registered Trademark.

A thoughtful trademark strategy turns words, symbols, colors, product packaging features, sounds and smells into commercially meaningful intellectual property assets. Your trademark strategy should result in trademark rights that provide legal protection for your product features.

Speak to a CR MILES® trademark attorney about:

  • Obtaining meaningful trademark rights.
  • Ensuring your trademark doesn’t infringe.
  • The proper use of your trademark with goods or services.
  • Resolving third party opposition to your trademark.
  • The lesser-known advantages of registering your trademark.

TRADEMARKS. CR MILES has trademark attorneys with extensive experience in all aspects of United States and international trademark practice. Our attorneys routinely handle trademark clearance, prosecution and portfolio management worldwide; product design and packaging trade dress; opposition and cancellation proceedings before the USPTO.

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