2014 Holiday Party

2014 Holiday Party

46 people attended CR MILES’ holiday themed party held at Jay’s Bistro in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado – among them current and past clients of the patent, trademark and copyright law firm.

A special introduction was made of Dr. Susan F. Hudachek, a patent agent with technical expertise in the broad fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, who joined the team in 2014.

Craig Miles, the company’s principal, introduced the attorneys in attendance congratulating them for contributing to the success of the firm over the last decade. He also noted the highlight of having obtained thirty patent awards for CR MILES’ clients in the year 2013.

Mr. Miles went on to tell the story of how CR MILES came to be in existence, identifying strongly with the entrepreneurs among his clientele. He allied with his clients when noting at the conclusion of his remarks that “every successful business starts with an initial risk.”

The firm’s very first client, David Sanders, credited his success in the field of water treatment in part to his professional association with the CR MILES intellectual property law firm.

Later on in the evening Craig Miles recognized Jeremy Nelson of Roll Recovery, LLC, an awarded patentee, who took the same sort of entrepreneurial risks as he had, and has proven to be very successful in his own endeavors in the field of muscle recovery technologies.

Draftsman Jim Lipsey from JBL Patent Service Company, Inc. was in attendance. He has worked with many attorneys over the years and commented: “the average patent attorney will write 15 or so applications to the PTO per year. Craig wrote 50 of them himself last year.”

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POSTED ON 01/24/2014

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